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NEC is recognised by many as one of the leading Biometrics providers globally if not the leading provider.  NEC is a global innovative thought leader in the Public Safety market. Its Facial recognition Software ‘NeoFace’ has established a position as number one (independently tested by NIST) for speed and accuracy globally.  NEC’s fingerprint AFIS software and Live Scan is also seen as world leading. NEC continues to invest heavily into the Public Safety market where it is driving strategy for many governments and organisations in Biometrics, Cyber Security, Smart Cities, Surveillance and Artificial Intelligence.  NEC truly believes in ‘Orchestrating a Brighter World’ to make the world a safer and more secure utilizing ICT technologies.

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Networking Partners

TECHWAN is a Swiss software company created in 2000, specialized in PUBLIC SAFETY solutions: EMERGENCY RESPONSE and CRISIS MANAGEMENT.

SAGA product line uses MULTISCREEN WEB and MOBILE workstations.

SAGA COMMAND & CONTROL was chosen by FRENCH NATIONAL GENDARMERIE to create the WORLD’S LARGEST CENTRALIZED CAD, with more than 6’000 workstations, spread all over Metropolitan France and Overseas. Now, they add more than 60’000 mobile workstations.

SAGA CRISIS is the main tool of FRENCH NATIONAL POLICE HEADQUARTER. Solution is available on MULTI-SCREEN WEB workstations, MOBILE devices and DASHBOARDS.

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Tahaluf Al Emarat is a software solutions provider based in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Since inception, Tahaluf has recognized its place in the privacy and cyber security systems integration industry. Tahaluf Al Emarat has a profound experience with its world-class experts who have worked for big parastatals and federal governments.

Tahaluf's mission is to constantly roll-out groundbreaking security solutions to deliver new levels of experience to their clients. The company is poised on providing surefire solutions to protect the security and privacy of their clients on both: offline and online premises. However, Tahaluf appraises, plans and develops custom software solutions to adequately solve data-threat challenges or loss as well as the flow of operation in any given industry.

Tahaluf Al Emarat began its mission to provide real-time value-added solutions that reduce network and process downtime (thereby increasing the efficiency of employees or workforce for the best ROI), ensure data security, and enable your enterprise to maximize the investments made into IT infrastructure deployment.

Tahaluf's services include: safe city platform, biometric solutions, RIS and Fusion.

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